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Find in this section all the information you need about our portfolio and discover our unique packaging, a true link between the prescription and the patient.

Biogaran portfolio of medicines

Our portfolio

Since the foundation of Biogaran, our goal is to produce as many references of generic drugs as possible, regardless of the pharmaceutical company that produces the originator drug. A philosophy that makes it possible to provide patients with the widest possible range of treatments.


+ 960
to provide treatments for a high number of pathologies
Biogaran large portfolio of drugs
to meet patients' needs
Biosimilar drugs to give access to progress and technology
Biogaran innovative medicines Internal source - List of drugs - September 2021
+30 références
Biogaran Conseil®
For everyday pains

Our unique packaging

The packaging of Biogaran drugs, a real link between the prescription and the patient.

From 1998, Biogaran was a forerunner in creating a simple and universal pictorial language on the outer packaging of its medicines for both patients and pharmacists.

Symbols make your life easier. With Biogaran, they also make it easier to follow up your treatment.

Biogaran packaging adapted to local needs

A packaging adapted to local needs

Biogaran is committed to developing packagings adapted to the needs of each country in which its medicines are used. Thus, the packaging is adapted to the language spoken by the patients to ensure that the medicine is taken safely and easily.

If you wish to know more about our marketed medicines in specific countries, please visit our websites Africa and Near and Middle East !